Portugal and Iran Battling For Top Spots in Group B

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The World Cup 2018 matchup and odds - Portugal vs. Iran - Who is the favourite to win?Spain, Portugal and Iran all have their eyes on spots in the Round of 16 heading into their final Group B matches this week.

Spain and Portugal currently sit at the top of the group with 4 points, while Iran is trailing in third place with 3 points.

Spain is playing Morocco later this week, and that should be a victory for the Spanish side. This will leave Portugal and Iran to battle for the final Round of 16 spot.

Portugal currently has a goal differential of +1 while Iran is sitting at 0, which means that Portugal will have the edge to qualify. In the event of a draw between the two sides, Portugal would move ahead thanks to goal differential.

So, Iran will need to beat Cristiano Ronaldo and company in order to advance. Portugal has their eye on the top spot in the group, which they could earn if they thrash Iran badly enough. As of this moment, Spain and Portugal both have a goal differential of +1, which means that the top spot is up for grabs.

Portugal play against Iran in a group stage match at the Mordovia Arena in Saransk.  Russia World Cup 2018 - Bet on the game!

Portugal will look to win in their traditional fashion, relying heavily on the boot of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Iran, on the other hand, will look to hang in their defensively and hope to capitalize on a Portugal mistake, which is exactly what happened in Iran's match against Morocco. Iran maintained a draw until the last minutes of the game, when Morocco scored an own goal. Iran will likely be employing the same type of game plan.

Let's take a look at the odds for this match:

Source: Bet365
Time Stamp: June 24th, 2018 1:38 pm EST
Odds Subject to Change

Portugal, 1.7
Draw, 3.75
Iran, 6.0

Draw No Bet

Portugal, 1.25
Iran, 3.75

Anytime Goalscorer (Top Five)

Cristiano Ronaldo, 1.90
Miguel Andre Silva, 2.75
Goncalo Guedes, 2.88
Dany Gelson Martins, 3.75
Ricardo Quaresma, 3.75


Portugal has the clear talent advantage in this one, though Iran has shown themselves to be quite resilient in the face of adversity.

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