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Are you Canadian and looking for a place to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold in Canada?

If so, I would strongly recommend QuadrigaCX, which is the leading Bitcoin exchange in all of Canada. I don't just blindly recommend - I have an account on QuadrigaCX that I have used multiple times, and I have successfully processed ,XXX in withdrawals to my Canadian bank account.

With Bitcoin shooting to the moon these days, everybody is wondering where the best buy is to buy Bitcoins.

QuadrigaCX is a well-run company with a customer service staff that will quickly respond to any of your questions. In addition, their fees are extremely low, running from a 0.2% to 0.5% trading fee.

The verification system (which is done for your benefit) is quick and painless and you should be up and running in no time at all.

QuadrigaCX has a transparent market that will allow you to buy or sell a number of cryptocurrencies very quickly and efficiently. QuadrigaCX has a live market that displays two rows of prices - the current best buy orders (the highest price that someone is willing to pay for a Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), as well as the current best sell orders (the price that you will be able to purchase at).

When it comes time to buy, all you have to do is name your price and QuadrigaCX will fill your order as best as they can. If you list your offer at the same price as the current best sell order, your purchase will fill instantly.


For Canadian residents, QuadrigaCX offers a number of funding and withdrawal options:

Funding Options

ETF (Electronic Funds Transfer), 2.5% Fee
Interac E-Transfer, 2% Fee + $5 CDN
Interac Online, 1.5% Fee, Minimum $5 CDN
Bank Wire, 1% Fee
Crypto Capital, Free
Voucher, Free

Note: Interac Online and Voucher are the two Free options

Withdrawal Options

Express Bank Transfer, 2% Fee
Interac E-Transfer, 2% + $5 CDN
Cash Delivery, 2% + $20 CDN
Direct Bank Transfer/EFT, Free
Bank Wire, Free
Crypto Capital, Free
Voucher, Free

Note: as you can see, QuadrigaCX offers a number of free withdrawal options


When you start the process of buying/selling Bitcoins, you should sign up for a free wallet on a site like first.

After doing that and securing your wallet, you can then buy Bitcoins on an exchange like QuadrigaCX. After you have completed your purchase and the coins are in your account, you can then transfer your newly purchased coins to your wallet (or whatever other free wallet you choose). You should never keep your coins on an exchange - instead, withdraw your coins to your wallet and then keep your wallet offline.

When you want to sell some coins, you simply send them to QuadrigaCX and then sell them on their exchange. Once the coins have been sold, you can request a withdrawal and the money will be in your account either instantly or within a couple of business days (depending on the withdrawal method you choose).


QuadrigaCX is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. QuadrigaCX offers one of the most liquid exchanges in all of Canada - I have never had any issues with QuadrigaCX, and my withdrawal and customer service requests are always dealt with quickly and efficiently.

QuadrigaCX offers both personal and business accounts, plus they have other perks, including the ability to automatically sell any Bitcoins that are sent to your account (this might be handy for merchants).


QuadrigaCX offers a number of ways to secure your account, including Google Two-Factor Authentication.


I personally use QuadrigaCX and have:

1) Purchased Bitcoins from them
2) Received Bitcoins from them
3) Successfully cashed out withdrawals from them

If you are located in Canada and are looking for a place to buy Bitcoins, you can't (in my opinion) go wrong with QuadrigaCX.

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