What is Dr. Dre's Net Worth?

Dr Dre performing live

Name: Dr. Dre

Born: February 18th, 1965

Company: Aftermath/Interscope, Beats Electronics, LLC

Position: Performer, Producer, Businessman

Dr. Dre currently has a net worth of an estimated:



I could spend hours talking about Dr. Dre (real name Andre Romelle Young, born February 18th, 1965 in Compton, California) and his accomplishments in the music world. After all, Dr. Dre was one of the men responsible for the "gangsta rap" movement and was instrumental in bringing acts such as "Eminem" and "50 Cent" to the masses.

This page, however, will focus on Dr. Dre's accomplishments in the business world and also look at what one of music's most influential men might be worth.


Dr. Dre took the first real step towards building his wealth in 1996 when he formed Aftermath Entertainment. The music label, a subsidiary of Interscope Geffen A&M, was the direct result of Dr. Dre wanting to take his future into his own hands.

Aftermath Entertainment got off to a rocky start and was in danger of fading off into irrelevance when Dr. Dre made one of the most savvy moves of his career - signing Marshall Mathers, aka "Eminem", to a deal. Dr. Dre saw the talent in Mathers and the signing paid off, as Eminem would go on to become one of the most famous musical acts in the world. A large bulk of Dr. Dre's wealth can be directly attributable to his association with Eminem.

Over the years, Dr. Dre would go on to sign such acts as Eminem, 50 Cent and Eve. Dre's signings of Eminem and 50 Cent (who he signed in a joint deal with Eminem), would prove to be especially savvy, as Eminem and 50 Cent would combine to sell hundreds of millions of albums over the courses of their careers.

In 2001, Dr. Dre cashed in on Aftermath Entertainment's success when he sold a partial stake in the company to Interscope for a reported $52 million. Dr. Dre continues to own a substantial stake in Aftermath Entertainment and continues to produce new music to this day.

Over the years, Dre has inked endorsement deals with St. Ides, Coors Light, Dr. Pepper and Chrysler.


Dr. Dre's biggest wealth creation vehicle is very likely to be his interest in Beats Electronics, LLC, which he co-founded with Interscope-Geffen-A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine in 2008.

The company's first product was the now famous "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones, which promised to give its wearers a much fuller listening experience. Through endorsements of hip-hop artists and athletes, as well as ingenious product placements in music videos and movies, the "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones would eventually capture the majority of the high-end headphone market in the United States. The company would also eventually introduce products such as Beats Music and the Beats Pill wireless speakers.

In August of 2011, HTC purchased a 50.1% stake in Beats Electronics, LLC for $309 million. HTC sold their half of their stake in July of 2012 for $150 million, and eventually sold the remainder of their stake back to the company in September of 2013 for $265 million.

At about the same time, Beats Electronics, LLC announced that the Carlyle Group would be investing $500 million into the company in exchange for a minority stake.

Beats Electronics, LLC was purchased by Apple in May of 2014 for $3 billion. This purchase included $2.6 billion in cash up front and an additional $400 million in stock that will vest over time. As part of the deal, Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine joined Apple.

According to reports, Dr. Dre owned between 15-25% of Beats Electronics, LLC when it was purchased by Apple.

Beats Electronics, LLC reportedly did $1.3 billion in revenues in 2013 and has over 300 employees.


The story of Dr Dre's rise to fame was immortalized in the 2015 movie "Straight Outta Compton", which received critical acclaim and multiple awards. The movie chronicled the rise of NWA and the eventual split of the group, which resulted in Dr. Dre becoming one of the biggest solo artists in the world.


Dr. Dre is worth 11,061 times more than the median US household

If Dr. Dre sold everything that they owned, they could fund the United States' deficit spending for 0.3 days.


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