What is John Kerry's Net Worth?

John Kerry Secretary of State

Name: John Kerry

Born: December 11th, 1943

Company: n/a

Position: Secretary of State

John Kerry currently has a net worth of an estimated:



US Secretary of State John Kerry is one of the richest people in Washington.

Now, serving as a Senator for nearly two decades will certainly do no harm to your net worth, but Kerry propelled himself into mega-millionaire territory when he married Teresa Simoes-Ferreira Heinz, widow of US Senator John Heinz III. John Kerry married well, as Mrs. Heinz is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

John Kerry, born December 11th, 1943, has served as a politician for practically his entire adult life.

Kerry graduated from Yale University in 1966 before serving in the Vietnam War. Kerry's involvement in the Vietnam War was a major storyline during the 2004 US Presidential election.

Upon returning home from the war, Kerry earned a J.D. from the Boston College Law School. Kerry then started working for the District Attorney of Middlesex County as a full-time prosecutor.

Kerry ran for Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts in 1982 and won, and has been serving the US people ever since. Kerry served as Senator of Massachusetts from January 3rd, 1985 to February 1st, 2013, before resigning to become the US Secretary of State.

John Kerry ran for President in 2004, earning the Democratic nomination before eventually losing to George W. Bush.


All members of public office must file Financial Disclosure reports every year.

Thanks to his marriage with Teresa Heinz Kerry, John Kerry has hundreds of millions of dollars in assets listed on his annual disclosure. The assets of both Kerry and his spouse must be listed on the disclosure.

John Kerry's financial disclosure report is one of the biggest in Washington. Makes sense, as he is also one of the richest people in Washington. Kerry's financial disclosure report looks like the Magna Carta thanks to John and Teresa's long list of financial assets.

The Kerrys list of assets range from stakes in trusts to shares in publicly traded companies such as Exxon Mobile and Intel to ownership of US Treasury notes. The Kerry family is well-diversified.

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John Kerry is worth 3,234 times more than the median US household

If John Kerry sold everything that they owned, they could fund the United States' deficit spending for 0.1 days.


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