What is Mark Cuban's Net Worth?

Mark Cuban Owner of Dallas Mavericks

Name: Mark Cuban

Born: July 31st, 1958

Company: Dallas Mavericks, 2929 Entertainment

Position: Owner

Mark Cuban currently has a net worth of an estimated:



In my opinion, Mark Cuban doesn't get enough credit. Many people are quick to dismiss Cuban as somebody who got lucky by selling a company at the height of the dot-com boom, but in reality Cuban is a serial entrepreneur who has enjoyed a number of successes during his career.

Did you know that Mark Cuban was already a multi-millionaire when he co-founded Audionet, which would later become Broadcast.com? Did you know that Mark Cuban has turned the Dallas Mavericks into one of the NBA's most valuable franchises in just 10 years?

Cuban, who was born on July 31st, 1958, has been an entrepreneur all of his life. When Cuban was a kid, he sold garbage bags door-to-door in order to pay for a pair of basketball shoes. In college, Cuban started a chain letter that was reportedly so successful that it paid for an entire year of his tuition. Regardless of his age, Mark Cuban has always had a thirst and passion for making money.


Cuban has started a number of companies, but his first was Microsolutions. Microsolutions, which was a software development and systems integration company, was started out of necessity after Cuban was fired from his job at Your Business Software. Microsolutions was started with the support of clients that Cuban had won over during his time at Your Business Software.

Microsolutions was eventually sold in 1990 for $6 million to CompuServe. Cuban reportedly cleared $2 million, setting him up to travel the world and "have some fun".

Cuban's time on the sidelines wouldn't last long, as he soon teamed with Todd Wagner to start Audionet. Audionet became Broadcast.com in 1998, and Broadcast.com was sold to Yahoo! in 1999 in a $5.9 billion transaction. This sale made Mark Cuban a billionaire and would give him the capital to finance some of his future investments.

One of Cuban's first investments after selling Broadcast.com to Yahoo? The Dallas Mavericks. Cuban purchased a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks on January 4th, 2000 for $285 million from H. Ross Perot, Jr. Perot, Jr. maintained a 5% stake in the company.

Under Cuban's direction, the Dallas Mavericks transformed themselves from one of the NBA's laughing stocks into a perennial contender. As a matter of fact, the Dallas Mavericks won the championship in 2011, defeating LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the championship final.

The Dallas Mavericks, according to Forbes, are the tenth most valuable team in the NBA. The Mavericks are currently valued at $1.15 billion, meaning that the value of the team has increased roughly by nearly a billion dollars since Cuban bought the team in 2000.

Cuban is obviously a fan of owning sports teams, as he has made unsuccessful bids in the past for the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), Chicago Cubs (MLB), Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) and Texas Rangers (MLB).

Cuban is an active venture capital investor - according to Crunchbase.com, Cuban currently has stakes in roughly 20 private companies. Some of those companies: Upstart, Motionloft, Mahalo, mixRank, Slideshare, Flingo.

Mark Cuban is also Chairman of AXS TV, which is owned by HDNet, Inc. (also founded by Cuban). AXS TV is an entertainment channel with an emphasis on sports and entertainment events. Mark Cuban was one of the earliest proponents of high definition television.

Cuban is a co-owner of 2929 Entertainment (along with Todd Wagner). 2929 Entertainment owns Magnolia Pictures, Landmark Theaters and Truly Indie, amongst other properties.

Cuban is also a bondholder of Zuffa, LLC, which is the parent company of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).


Mark Cuban has appeared on the past in programs such as "Dancing With the Stars", "Monday Night Raw" and the short-lived "The Benefactor." Cuban is also one of the most popular "sharks" on ABC's hit TV shows, "Shark Tank".


Given Mark Cuban's diverse portfolio of investments and the rising value of the Dallas Mavericks, I would estimate that Cuban's net worth is approximately $3.0 billion.

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Mark Cuban is worth 38,810 times more than the median US household

If Mark Cuban sold everything that they owned, they could fund the United States' deficit spending for 1 days.

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January 22nd, 2015 - Dallas Mavericks valued at $1.15 billion by Forbes


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