What is Russell Wilson's Net Worth?

Russel Wilson of Seattle Seahawks - @ Redskins - Year 2014

Name: Russell Wilson

Born: November 29th, 1988

Company: Seattle Seahawks

Position: Quarterback

Russell Wilson currently has a net worth of an estimated:



Russell Wilson was never supposed to be a starting Quarterback in the National Football League.

Sure, he's talented, they said, but he's too short. Russell Wilson, some scouts said, may have been the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft if only he'd been 6 inches taller.

In the end, Russell Wilson ended up getting taken in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft (#75 overall) by the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks, who have built a powerhouse by adding players that nobody else seems to want, were drawn by Wilson's accuracy, poise and work ethic. Wilson would sign a four year, $2.99 million deal with the Seahawks, which would turn out to be one of the greatest bargains in the history of the NFL.

Wilson spent four years in college, three at NC State and one at Wisconsin, where he would lead the Badgers to the Rose Bowl. Wilson would finish his last year of college with an outlandish QB rating of 191.8 (33 TDs, 4 Ints) and a completion rate of 72.8%.


When Wilson was drafted by the Seahawks in 2012, nobody thought that he would be a starting QB, especially not right out of the gate. After all, the Seattle Seahawks had signed Matt Flynn to a big free agent contract and there was every indication that Flynn would be the starting QB.

In the end, however, Wilson won over Pete Carroll and the rest of the Seahawks' coaching staff and was named the opening day starter. Despite some early season struggles, the Seahawks elected to stay the course with Wilson and were eventually rewarded with a playoff berth. Wilson would be named the 2012 Rookie of the Year.

Wilson continued to progress as a QB in the 2013 regular season, leading his team to the NFC West division title. The Seahawks would go all the way in 2013, eventually beating the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl.

Despite a rocky start in 2014, the Seahawks eventually brought everyone together and started once again dominating games as they had the year before. The fairy tale ending (at least for Seahawks fans) was not meant to be in 2014, however, as the team would end up losing to the New England Patriots in stunning fashion.


Despite not making very much (relatively speaking, of course) from his rookie contract, Russell Wilson and his team have seen a flood of endorsement dollars pour in. Russell Wilson, much like Andrew Luck, is considered to be a "blue chip" spokesman, which has, in turn, attracted endorsement deals from the likes of Nike, Pepsi, Microsoft, American Family Insurance and Bose.

After months of rocky negotiations, Russell Wilson inked a new 4-year, $87.6 million deal with the Seahawks in July of 2015. The deal includes a $31 million signing bonus, an average salary of $21.9 million and guaranteed money of over $61 million. This deal puts Wilson in amongst the elite QBs in the NFL (at least for now) and raises his net worth significantly.

Given Wilson's relatively young age, he should be in line for at least two lucrative contract extensions before his career draws to a close. Despite being small in stature, Wilson has proven to be very elusive and has remained relatively injury-free over the course of his three year career as a starting NFL quarterback.

If Wilson can remain healthy, he stands to make an absolute fortune over the course of his NFL career from both player contracts and endorsement deals.

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Russell Wilson is worth 349 times more than the median US household

If Russell Wilson sold everything that they owned, they could fund the United States' deficit spending for 0 days.


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