Stock Market Newsletter Reviews

Just like with any other industry in the world, the stock market newsletter industry is filled with reputable publications and those that should be avoided.

I have a compiled a list below of a number of the most reputable and well-read newsletters in the industry.

Whether you are a beginner to the world of equities or a seasoned investor who is looking to learn more about options, there is truly something for everybody on this list.

Most of these newsletters offer a trial period - simply cancel before your trial period is over and you won't be billed for a subscription.

Newsletter With Free Trials

Action Alerts Plus Review

"..The idea behind the "Action Alerts Plus" service is simple - Cramer will tell the members (ahead of time) what stocks he is buying and selling for his own portfolio. This three million dollar portfolio is contained in a trust, with the profits being donated to charity.." (Free 14-Day Trial) RealMoney

"..there is something for everybody on this site, and you are bound to find one or more writers that contribute greatly to your investment arsenal.." (Free 14-Day Trial)


Forbes - The Prudent Speculator

"Performance claims for investment advisories are fraught with potential for trickery. I assure you our Prudent Speculator numbers are accurate and straightforward. - Steve Forbes"

Forbes Special Situation Survey

"..the Forbes Special Situation Survey's recommended portfolio returned an average of 24.1% annualized for the five years ending December 2007. Compare this to the S&P Index, which returned an average of just 5% over the same time period.."