Definition of Green Investing

What is "green investing"? What is the definition of the term "green investing"?

"Green investing" is the practice of only investing in companies that are environmentally conscious businesses.

This can include:

1) companies that are strictly dedicated to offering products/services that are "green friendly"

Definition of Green Investing2) companies with divisions that are offering products/services that are "green friendly"

3) companies that go above and beyond to operate their businesses in "green friendly" ways. These companies don't necessarily have to offer a product that helps the planet, but they operate their business in a way that uses as few expendable resources as possible (for instance, a company that conserves as much energy as possible, recycles as much as possible, etc).

A company that that attracts the interest of a "green investor" might be one that sells electric cars or offers a product that can turn contaminated water into clean drinking water suitable for human consumption.

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