Google Cracking Down on Non-Compliant Adsense Sites?

logo google adsense - with word news attached to itJennifer Slegg at commented in a June 24th post that it seems as though Google is starting to aggressively target sites which utilize Adsense that are non-compliant.

What does non-compliant mean exactly?

From her article:

-having adult or other similar content anywhere on the
site, even if the page is not running AdSense (this seems to be the
most common reason)

-placements that could confuse the visitor (such as making navigation or directory listings resemble AdSense ad units)

-having anything that pops overtop of ad units, such as expanding navigation or slide-in pop-overs/ups

Apparently arbitrage sites where "the visitor doesn't see anything on the initial page view" are also being targeted.

The article goes on to say that instead of simply emailing the publisher and requesting that they fix the problem (as they have done in the past), Google has gone the extra step of disabling the serving of Adsense ads to the entire domain until a Google employee can manually inspect and approve the site.

The fact that Google is being more aggressive about policing Adsense sites is good news for everyone. It's good news for publishers who play by the rules, as non-compliant sites simply drain money out of the available pool of advertising dollars. There is a reason why Google has compliance rules, and they are usually designed to protect the advertisers from throwing away money on worthless clicks. Happy advertisers equals more money for honest publishers who follow the rules. The more value that advertisers get from their ad buys, the more money that they will inject into their campaigns. it's as simple as that.

I really agree with Google having to manually approve sites that have been suspended. Too often sites that were warned about their non-compliance slipped through the cracks and they continued to break the rules. Now they will be forced to comply or ads won't be shown on their sites. Google makes hundreds of millions of dollars every quarter from Adsense, so hiring enough employees to deal with these site inspections shouldn't be a problem.

Kudos to Google.

Source: Jensense

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