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dvd for sale - timothy sykes - - pennystocking and shortstockingTimothy Sykes. Investor. Hedge fund manager. Reality TV star. Author.

Mention the name Timothy Sykes to people and you are likely to get very different reactions. People either love Tim Sykes (he does have a pretty loyal following) or they hate him. There is no in-between with Timothy Sykes.

Timothy Sykes got his start in 1999. Sykes took just over $12k in Bar Mitzvah gift money and turned this into $1.65 million dollars over the next couple of years. He then founded the Cilantro Fund Management hedge fund in 2003, when he ran until late 2007. The fund was doomed by an ill-advised investment in Cygnus, which ultimately brought down the entire fund. This ruined years of strong results and hard work that Timothy Sykes had put into the fund.

Sykes took his lumps in the online trading community. Many people found Sykes to be brash and overconfident, which led many to revel in his fund's demise.

Timothy Sykes, for better or for worse, was a well-known name in the trading community, and soon bounced back with The mission statement of this site was to replicate his prior successes in real-time so that everyone could follow along and benefit. This site branched out into others, including TimAlerts, Pennystocking, Shortstocking and TimRaw.

Timothy Sykes offers a number of different products and services on his site.

He offers TimAlerts, which is his real-time trade alert service. This service is available for $29.95 a month, or $297 for the entire year. According to his web site, TimAlerts is currently up 165% in 2008.

Sykes also offers a number of instructional DVD products, including:

PennyStocking ($297) - this is the DVD that Sykes is best-known for. This DVD delves into the secrets behind Sykes' penny-stock trading process. This is a four-disc set which lasts for a total of six hours. The package is also accompanied by a 220 page manual, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. The DVD is in a raw format - little editing, just Sykes reflecting on how he makes money trading penny stocks and how you can too.

PennyStocking Part Deux ($267) - the follow-up to the first Pennystocking DVD. Another four-disc, six-hour set that builds on some of the principles that were established on the first Pennystocking DVD. This DVD will help you to understand and analyze potential set-ups and chart patterns. As mentioned, this is a four-disc set.

Shortstocking ($270) - as his site will tell you, Timothy Sykes ran the #1 ranked short bias fund from 2003-2006 according to Barclays. This is another four-disc, six-hour DVD set that goes into the finer details of short-selling and how Sykes makes money from it. In this DVD set, you will learn the most profitable set-ups that you should look for and the riskiest situations that you should avoid. As with the other DVD sets, there is a 220-page manual that accompanies this package.

TIMRaw DVD ($447) - un-edited trading lessons from a "master trader." There is double the content in this DVD, which explains the higher price. This is basically Tim outlining his basic strategies from top to bottom - teaching, answering questions, reviewing trades and dissecting and explaining the markets. If you are having trouble wrapping your head around the markets then this would be a great place to start. Tim seeks to introduce to his viewers a fundamental knowledge of the markets in this DVD package. Great from a beginner to amateur trader, but also has enough useful information for a more advanced trader.

There are also a number of package deals available through the Timothy Sykes store. They are:

PennyStocking Part Deux + Shortstocking DVD for $497
PennyStocking Part Deux + Shortstocking DVD + Tim Raw for $897
PennyStocking Part 1 + Pennystocking Part Deux + Shortstacking DVD + Tim Raw for $1,097

As mentioned, Tim also offer his TimAlerts service which is available for $29.95 a month or $297 per year. A year's subscription to TimAlerts plus the PennyStocking DVD will run you $509.95 for both.

All DVDs are currently available for presale and will be shipped on Thanksgiving, 2008.

More information about these offers can be found in the Timothy Sykes store.

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