Zimbabwe Has an Unemployment Rate of 90%

-- illustration of unemployment line --Yesterday we wrote an article that listed the countries throughout the world with the lowest rates of unemployment.

Today, as promised, we will be covering the countries at the opposite end of the spectrum - the countries with absolutely exorbitant joblessness rates.

If you had to guess as to the country that possessed the highest overall unemployment rate, who would you guess?

If you guessed Zimbabwe, then you would be right.

According to this recent Reuters article, Zimbabwe currently sports an unemployment rate of 90%.

Zimbabwe topping this list can hardly be surprising given all of the turmoil that the country is currently going through. Zimbabwe is basically ostracized from the rest of the world right now, and they are fighting through a number of unique challenges, including political turmoil and rampant hyperinflation.

It's no wonder that 9 out of every 10 working adults can't find a job in that country.

Zimbabwe has some company at the top of the list - Nauru also possesses an unemployment rate of 90%, according to the CIA Fact Book.

Other countries with sky-high unemployment rates include:

Liberia - 85%
Turkmenistan - 70%
Tajikistan - 60%
Armenia - 60%
Mozambique - 60%
Cocos Islands - 60%
Djibouti - 59%
Zambia - 50%

The "official" unemployment rate in the United States is currently 9.5%, but things could be much worse.

You could have to deal with a 90% unemployment rate, as well as an annual inflation rate of 516 QUINTILLION percent (which is what the citizens of Zimbabwe currently have to put up with).

So, while things are certainly bad in the United States right now - they could definitely be worse.

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