What is the Most Prestigious Credit Card in the World?

Credit cards are just like cars.

You have your cards that efficient and cost the least amount of money, and you have your cards that have high annual fees and a tremendous "wow factor".

There are some cards that elicit a strong reaction any time that they are pulled out of your wallet or purse. And, at the same time, there are cards that have been seen a million times before.

With that being said - what are the three most prestigious credit cards in the world?

Which cards are most likely to elicit strong reactions from the person that you are presenting it to?

Which cards have the strongest "wow factor"?

Which cards are most often used by celebrities and the ultra rich?

-- apply for the american express black card --1. The American Express black card. The American Express black card is the original "I've officially made it" credit card.

The black card was thought to be a myth a few years ago - a concoction of someone's imagination. Rumors were abound that people such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett had been given "black cards", and that they were only held by the super-ultra-rich.

Up until 1999, the story of the "black card" was just that - a story. In 1999, American Express decided (smartly) to capitalize on the rumors and introduce the "Centurion" card.

The black card has a different look and feel than that of a regular credit card. It is heavier and is made out of a completely different material (anodized titanium). You will always know that you have your Centurion card in your wallet, as it is noticeably heavier than a regular credit card.

How do you qualify for a "black card"? Simple. Be an existing cardholder at American Express and spend plenty of money.

If you spend enough money, then American Express will invite you to apply for a Centurion card. Watch out though - the annual fee is $2,500, but there are plenty of perks.

Many people choose to apply for a Centurion card for the same reason that they buy a Ferrari - so that people pay notice.

-- apply for the visa black card --2. Visa black card. Some people call this the "poor man's" Black card.

Visa introduced their "black card" a short while ago in an attempt to compete with American Express.

And why not? Visa surely saw the exorbitant amount of annual fees that American Express charged and wanted a slice of the action.

With the Visa Black card, cardholders pay "just" $495 per year in annual fees. This is a full $2,000 less than what the Amex Centurion card charges.

The Visa black card is made out of carbon graphite and will certainly grab the attention of anyone that it is presented to.

I mean - that's why people get a black card, am I right?

-- apply for the american express platinum card --3. American Express Platinum card. One step down from the "black card", without the outrageous annual fees ($450 vs $2500).

The platinum card from American express comes with a number of different perks, including access to a 24 hour concierge service and complimentary airport club access worldwide.

There is no preset spending limit with the platinum card.

For many people, the platinum card from American Express is the last stop before "black card" status.


The three most prestigious credit cards in the world - which one would you like to have the most?

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