Many Institutional Investors Upped Their Positions in DLTR During Q2

Dollar Tree Inc. - Company logoOne of the things that we tracked during the second quarter of 2010 with our Fund Report was "Best Net Change".

To start with, we tracked the buys and sells of 96 of the largest institutional investors in the world during the second quarter. This included Goldman Sachs, Paulson and Co Inc., Berkshire Hathaway, etc.

Let's say that Goldman Sachs owned 1 million shares of MSFT during Q1, just as an example. In Q2, Goldman Sachs reports owning 1.5 million shares of MSFT. This obviously means that they increased their existing position in MSFT during the second quarter.

In this case, Microsoft would receive a +1 to their "best net change" score for the second quarter. If Goldman Sachs had reduced their existing position in MSFT during Q2, then Microsoft would have received a -1 for "best net change".

"Best net change" refers to the total number of funds that added to existing positions during the quarter, minus the total number of funds that reduced existing positions (but didn't sell completely).

Dollar Tree Inc. (DLTR) received one of the highest "best net change" scores in Q2 - +16.

In total, 17 of the institutional investors that we tracked during Q2 decided to INCREASE their existing positions in DLTR, while just one decided to reduce an existing position. This leaves us with a score of +16 for the quarter.

Some of the institutional investors who chose to increase existing positions in DLTR during Q2 were:

FMR LLC - +5,979,775 shares
Blue Ridge Capital - +1,325,000 shares
DE Shaw & Co, INC - +857,119 shares
Renaissance Technologies LLC - +400,538 shares
SAC Capital Advisors LP - +125,543 shares

The lone company in our database that trimmed an existing position? Goldman Sachs (-92,052 shares).


In addition, four of the institutional investors that we tracked (Diamondback Capital Management LLC, Kingdon Capital Managment LLC, Black River Asset Management LLC, Two Sigma Investments LLC) during Q2 decided to open new positions in DLTR, while three (Bridgewater Associates, Inc, Millennium Management LLC, Caxton Associates LP) decided to sell their existing positions.


DLTR is rolling right now, having traded from about $32 to $46 over the past year. In addition, the stock is trading right near its all-time high of $47.50.

Disclaimer: I don't have a position, long or short, in DLTR.

Source: Manuel Fund Report

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