Want a “Whopper” Delivered Right To Your Front Door?

Burger King logoBurger King, one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, is reportedly testing out a home delivery service to boost sales.

Burger King is currently testing out the home delivery service in four locations, with expansion to a further 12 locations expected by January 23rd.

According to the chain, customers will be able to order online or over the phone. There will be an additional delivery charge of $2 and a minimum order of between $8-$10. Drinks and breakfast foods will be the only items that will not be available for home delivery.

3G Capital Inc. purchased Burger King for nearly $4 billion in 2010, and is reportedly testing out this home delivery scheme in an attempt to boost sales.


As if drive-through windows and 24 hour a day availability weren’t enough, fast food joints are now testing out home delivery.

If you eat fast food - would you use the home delivery service?

It seems like the idea would be a great deal of hassle (hiring delivery people, car/gas costs, extra complaints, etc) for not that much return, but we’ll have to see how this plays out.

Source: Bloomberg.com - Burger King Tests Whopper Delivery in U.S.

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