Money Flowed Into Pro-Romney SuperPAC in Second Half of 2011

Restore our Future - LogoAccording to documents filed with the FEC (Federal Election Commission) earlier this week, nearly $18 million in new contributions poured into the pro-Romney "Restore Our Future, Inc." SuperPAC during the second half of 2011.

Restore Our Future, Inc. was extremely busy in the weeks leading up to the recent Florida primary (which Mitt Romney handily won), spending millions on print, TV and radio campaigns. The SuperPAC, which is able to raise unlimited amounts of money to support or oppose a candidate or candidates, spent millions of dollars attacking Newt Gingrich.

So who was donating all of this money to Restore Our Future, Inc. during the second half of 2011? Let's take a look.

Three men contributed $1 million to Restore Our Future, Inc. during the second half of 2011. They were:

Robert Mercer (Renaissance Technologies Corp.)
Julian Robertson (Tiger Management, LLC)
Paul Singer (Elliott Management Corp.)

Note: all three of these companies are hedge funds

Other notable contributors:

Chris Shumway, Shumway Capital Investments, $750,000
Bob Perry, Perry Homes, $500,000
Paul Tudor Jones II, Tudor Investment Corporation, $200,000
Kenneth Griffin, Citadel LLC, $100,000


One thing is for sure - Restore Our Future, Inc. is going to have no troubles raising money, as the list of donators so far has included some of the richest men in the country.

Source: Restore Our Future, Inc. Receipts and Disbursements

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