President Obama Has Large Advantage When It Comes To Likability

Election 2012 - Illustrated SignIf the outcome of the 2012 US Presidential election was decided strictly based on the likability of the two candidates, Barack Obama would win in a landslide.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 60% of Americans perceive President Barack Obama as being the more likable candidate, while just 30% believe that Mitt Romney is more likable.

Fortunately for the Republican side, Mitt Romney is seen as being more capable than Obama when it comes to handling key issues such as the deficit, the economy and the jobs situation.

In short, President Obama is seen as the more honest, personable and relatable of the two candidates, but Romney is seen as the better choice to get the US economy back on track.


Let's look at how the two candidates fare on the major issues, per the Gallup poll:

Which candidate is perceived as being better suited to tackle the federal deficit issue?

Mitt Romney, 55%
Barack Obama, 36%


Mitt Romney, 51%
Barack Obama, 41%

Creating Jobs?

Mitt Romney, 50%
Barack Obama, 44%


Mitt Romney, 49%
Barack Obama, 45%


Mitt Romney, 47%
Barack Obama, 47%

Foreign Affairs

Mitt Romney, 40%
Barack Obama, 52%


Now, Gallup also posed questions regarding the characteristics of the two candidates:

Which candidate is more likable?

Mitt Romney, 30%
Barack Obama, 60%

Which candidate best understands the problems that Americans face in their daily lives?

Mitt Romney, 39%
Barack Obama, 50%

Which candidate is more honest and trustworthy?

Mitt Romney, 39%
Barack Obama, 47%

Which candidate can "get things done" the best?

Mitt Romney, 46%
Barack Obama, 41%


The Gallup poll also reveals that Romney's time as head of Bain Capital and overall business background is seen as a big plus to many Americans.

According to the poll, 63% of Americans believe that Romney's business background will cause him to make good decisions when it comes to dealing with the country's economic problems.


The big question - can Mitt Romney overcome his "likability deficit" when voters head to the polls in November?

Also, does the likability of the candidates really matter, or is the most important factor the ability to get the job done, despite what people may think about you?

Source: - Obama's Character Edge Offsets Romney's Economic Advantage

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