95% of Americans Believe That Restoring Strong US Economy Should Be President Obama's Top Goal in Second Term

Map of United States with a Dollar Sign - IllustrationDemocrats, Republicans and Independents all agree on one thing according to a recent Gallup.com survey - reinvigorating America's stagnant economy and job market should be President Obama's top goal during his second term in the White House.

Gallup.com recently conducted a survey in which they asked the question: how important is it that President Obama accomplish each of the following during his second term as president - extremely important, very important, somewhat important, not too important or not important at all? Respondents were asked to rate the importance of things such as the economy, Iran and illegal immigration.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents all listed the economy as the most important issue for President Obama to "solve" in his second term. 99% of Democrats said that restoring a strong economy and job market was "extremely or very important", compared to 93% for Independents and 92% for Republicans.

For Democrats, the second most important issue was ensuring the future of Social Security and Medicare. 96% of Democrats who took part in the survey said that this issue was "extremely or very important". This issue was also the second most important for Independents as well (86% of Independents said that it was extremely or very important).

Republicans said that there are three issues more pressing than ensuring the future of Social Security and Medicare. They were:

Make major federal spending cuts - 86%
Prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons - 85%
Stop illegal immigration - 82%

Ensure future of Social Security/Medicare - 81%


Let's look at the issues where there is the greatest disparity between Democrats and Republicans:

Address global warming

Democrats - 79%
Republicans - 20%

Increases taxes on those earning over $250,000

Democrats - 70%
Republicans - 20%

Make college more affordable

Democrats - 89%
Republicans - 55%

Provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants

Democrats - 49%
Republicans - 25%

Make major federal spending cuts

Democrats - 62%
Republicans - 86%

Make majority military and defense cuts

Democrats - 39%
Republicans - 18%


Restoring the economy was President Obama's top goal during his first term in office, and it continues to be his top goal (at least in the eyes of Americans) in his second term.

Source: Gallup.com - Economy, Entitlements, Iran Are Americans' Top Priorities

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