The Dow Jones Industrial Average Has Posted Gains For 20 Straight Tuesdays

Dow Jones Industrial Average - Tuesday Gains - 2013Here is an amazing but true fact - the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is currently in the midst of a 20 week streak of posting gains on Tuesdays.

That's right - the DJIA has posted gains on every Tuesday for the past 20 weeks.

According to Schaeffer's Investment Research (link below), this is the longest such streak since 1900. The previous streak for any day of the week was 13 days.

According to, the DJIA has gained a total of 1,518 points on the 21 Tuesdays that the market has been open in 2013. Compare this to the other days of the week:

Monday, -600
Tuesday, 1,518
Wednesday, 96
Thursday, 236
Friday, 760


The markets have basically gone straight up over the past couple of years, thanks, in large part, to the fiscal stimulus that the Federal Reserve has injected into the system. This has created a number of anomalies, including the 20 week winning streak on Tuesdays that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently enjoying.

Can the DJIA make it 21 in a row tomorrow?

Source: Schaeffer's Investment Research

Source: - Why the Dow loves Tuesday

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