Receipts of $287 Billion, Outlays of $170 Billion

United States - Receipts and Outlays - June 2013According to the latest edition of the "Monthly Treasury Statement of Receipts and Outlays of the United States Government", the United States posted a $117 billion surplus in June of 2013.

According to the report, the country collected $287 billion in total receipts in the month of June while spending a total of $170 billion. This resulted in the $117 billion surplus.

For the 2013 fiscal year through June, the United States has collected a total of $2.087 trillion while spending $2.597 trillion, which equates to a total deficit of $510 billion. The country seems poised to post their first deficit of less than $1 trillion in five years, barring some sort of late fiscal year financial collapse.


Let's break down the taxes that were collected during June of 2013:

Individual Income Taxes - $118.3 billion
Corporation Income Taxes - $62.96 billion

Social Insurance and Retirement Receipts:

Employment and General Retirement (Off-Budget) - $66.23 billion
Employment and General Retirement (On-Budget) - $18.92 billion
Unemployment Insurance - $532 million
Other Retirement - $277 million

Excise Taxes - $6.71 billion
Estate and Gift Taxes - $1.23 billion
Customs Duties - $2.56 billion
Miscellaneous Receipts - $8.87 billion


Here are some of the largest expenditures for the month of June:

Social Security Administration - $72.96 billion
Department of Health and Human Services - $53.03 billion
Department of Defense - Military Programs - $42.28 billion


Source: Fms.Treas.Gov (*.pdf)

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