23% Say That Economy Is Still The Nation's Top Issue

US Dollar - Symbol - Blue colourAccording to a recently conducted poll by Gallup.com (July 10-14), a full 23% of Americans still believe that the economy is the biggest issue that is currently facing the nation.

Let's take a look at the biggest issues currently facing the United States, according to those who were surveyed by Gallup:

Economy in General - 23%
Unemployment/Jobs - 19%
Healthcare - 11%
Government/Congress/Politicians - 10%
Federal Deficit - 8%
Ethics/Moral/Religious/Family Decline/Dishonesty - 7%
Poor Leadership/The President/Corruption/Abuse of Power - 6%
Immigration - 6%
Education - 5%


Back in the fall of 2008, at the height of the financial crisis in the United States, a full 58% of people surveyed by Gallup listed the economy as the nation's biggest problem. Makes perfect sense when you consider that that bottom was falling out of the world's largest economy at the time, as credit markets suddenly seized up and nearly a million people per month were losing their jobs in the country. It was ugly.

At the time, only 8% of the nation listed unemployment/jobs as the nation's biggest issue, but this number would steadily rise along with the nation's unemployment rate. In mid-2011, nearly 40% of people surveyed by Gallup listed unemployment/jobs as the nation's biggest issue. Again, not surprising as the nation had been stuck with a high unemployment rate for a number of years by that point.


Now, with the nation's economy slowly growing, attention is starting to be turned to other issues such as healthcare, immigration and President Obama himself. Immigration in particular is going to be a very hot topic of discussion this fall.

Source: Gallup.com - Economy Remains a Diminished Top Problem in US

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