Just 43.6% of Americans Approve of Job That President Obama Is Doing

President Barack ObamaRealClearPolitics.com (link below) aggregates the various President Obama approval/disapproval polling numbers to create their RCP Average.

According to the RCP Average, the trend for President Obama right now is very clear - his approval numbers are dropping fast.

As of this moment, the RCP Average has President Obama at a 43.6% approval rating, while his disapproval rating sits at 51.1%.

The most recent numbers from Gallup and Fox News are even worse for Obama, as both have President Obama with an approval rating of just 42%.


Shortly after winning a second term in November of 2012, President Obama's approval rating hit 54%.

Since that time, the bottom has fallen out for the Obama Administration, as they have been beset by a number of different scandals. The most damaging was very likely the leak from National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.


When President Obama first took office in January of 2009, his approval rating stood at 63.5%.

Now, a little over three years later, the current President is within striking distance of his all-time low of about 42.5%.

Source: RealClearPolitics.com - President Obama Job Approval Numbers

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