Congress Approval Rating Hits 9%

Disapproval - IllustrationIn a new poll that was released from Gallup earlier this week, just 9% of people surveyed said that they approved of the job that Congress was doing.

According to Gallup, this is the lowest Congressional approval rating that has been posted in the 39 years that the company has been asking the question - "Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handing its job?"

The Congressional approval rating hit 10% a few times in 2012, but the single digit mark wasn't breached until earlier this month. The recent government shutdown seemed to push people over the edge, and they are still angry with Congress weeks after the shutdown was ended.


According to Gallup, dissatisfaction with the US Congress is spread almost equally over the three major political groups. Just 10% of Democrats say that they approve of the job that Congress is doing, while Republicans and Independents were even less satisfied (9% and 8%, respectively).

The government shutdown, as mentioned, soured many Americans on the job that Congress is doing.

Prior to the shutdown, 19% of US adults said that they approved of the job that Congress was doing. Fast forward to the middle of November, and Congress managed to lose the support of half of the people that said that they were doing a good job.


Sure, Congressional approval ratings are never particularly high (the annual average is 33% since 1974), but these recent numbers are downright atrocious and justly deserved.

Source: - Congressional Approval Sinks to Record Low

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