Apple Still Leader With Market Capitalization of $661.67 Billion

Microsoft Company Logo - 2014Thanks to a dramatic drop in oil prices, Exxon Mobil has now slipped to #3 on the list of the world's most valuable companies.

Taking over the #2 position is Microsoft, which now has a market capitalization of $408.93 billion. Microsoft has increased nearly $100 billion in value so far this year as investors have continued to cheer Satya Nadella's fresh vision for the company.

As mentioned, Exxon Mobil Corporation is now #3 on the list with a market capitalization of $400.84 billion. Shares of the company have been on the retreat thanks to a dramatic drop in oil prices and a desire from many investors to increase holdings in large cap technology stocks, which has come at the expense of "boring" holdings such as Exxon Mobil.


The 800 pound gorilla of the list continues to be Apple Inc. Shares of the company closed at $112.82 on Thursday afternoon, which is a new all-time high. This gives the company a monstrous valuation of $661.67 billion, which puts it over $250 billion ahead of its next closest competitor, Microsoft.

Apple is in the midst of a strong product cycle right now, which means that the odds of it being caught anytime soon are likely very slim.

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