Markets Continued Higher in 2014 But Is The Party Almost Over?

Champagne cheer - Two glasses - Vector DrawingDespite some weakness at the end of the year, the three major US market indexes all ended 2014 in the green.

Here is how things ended up turning out for the DJIA, NASDAQ and S+P 500 in 2014:

S+P 500

Started the year at 1,848.36
Finished the year at 2,058.90


Started the year at 16,576.66
Finished the year at 17,823.07


Started the year at 4,176.59
Finished the year at 4,736.05


The general consensus amongst analysts and market observers is that the markets will likely push higher in 2015, though the gains will likely be muted compared to years previous. The general consensus seems to be that the major US indexes will trade 5-7% higher in 2015.

The economy seems to be improving and consumer confidence is on the upswing, though there are some gremlins that could help to take the markets lower in 2015. While the United States' economy is on the upswing right now, numerous other major global economies (Europe, China and others) continue to struggle. In addition, the price of oil will be important to watch this year.

Where do you think the markets will close at the end of 2015?

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