53% of Millionaire Population Would Vote For Hillary Clinton For President

Hillary Clinton - United States elections year 2016 - Photo - SmilingAccording to a new survey released by CNBC earlier this week, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton is the favorite to become President amongst the millionaire population.

CNBC polled 750 Americans with a net worth of over $1 million and asked who they liked in a hypothetical match-up in 2016. According to the respondents, 53% backed Hillary Clinton against ANY Republican candidate, while the remaining 47% backed the unnamed Republican candidate. Clinton had the support of 91% of Democratic millionaires, 57% of Independent millionaires and 13% of Republican millionaires.

When placed in a field of different candidates, Hillary Clinton did even better. Clinton had the support of 36% of the respondents when placed against a field of Democratic and Republican candidates, while Jeb Bush came in second with 20% support.


Unsurprisingly, the younger the millionaire, the more likely they are to support Clinton for President in 2016. 70% of millionaires under the age of 48 backed Clinton on a hypothetical contest against Jeb Bush, while Bush won with millionaires over the age of 70.


Hillary Clinton has raised some eyebrows in recent weeks thanks to her attacks on the "1%". Clinton has said that she wants to "topple" the 1% and that CEO pay needs to be significantly restrained. Clinton, who is looking to build support amongst the lower and middle class in the United States, has been viewed by some as a hypocrite thanks to the enormous wealth that her and her husband (President Bill Clinton) have built since leaving the White House.

These comments, however, don't seem to have hurt her standing that much with the millionaire population in the United States.

Source: CNBC.com - Hillary is the favorite among millionaire voters: Survey

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