Bernie Sanders Continues To Gain on Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders speech in front of the American flag ahead of the US Presidential ElectionsAccording to a new Fox News poll, Bernie Sanders continues to gain on Hillary Clinton in the race for the 2016 Democratic nomination. While Hillary Clinton continues to take hits due to the Secretary of State email flap, Bernie Sanders continues to quietly grow his momentum in the background.

Fox News polled likely Democratic primary voters and asked them who they'd like to see as the Democratic Presidential nominee.

As of August 11th-13th, 49% of those who responded said that they wanted to see Hillary Clinton win the nomination, while 30% responded with Bernie Sanders. Current Vice President Joe Biden garnered 10% of the vote, while names such as Jim Webb and Martin O'Malley were far off the pace.

While Hillary Clinton continues to enjoy a comfortable lead, there has to be some alarm at the pace in which Bernie Sanders is gaining on the First Lady and former Secretary of State. In mid-July, there was a 40 point gap between Clinton and Sanders and practically no doubt that Clinton was going to moonwalk to the Democratic nomination. Times have changed, however, and it appears as though Clinton now has a fight on her hands. In 2008, if you'll remember, Clinton was also the clear favorite to win the nomination until somebody named Barack Obama seemingly appeared out of nowhere and wrestled away all of the momentum in the race.


Many Democratic voters are being drawn to Bernie Sanders' message of fairness and equality for everyone, especially in regards to household finances.

While Hillary Clinton has railed against the 1%, there are many, even amongst her supporters, who note that Clinton is, in fact, one of the 1% herself. It's common knowledge that Bill and Hillary Clinton have a large fortune that they have acquired travelling the lucrative speech circuit. Hillary Clinton, supporters of Bernie Sanders say, is just more of the same when it comes to political voices.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has a modest net worth and has long fought for the average working family. Sanders believes, amongst other things, that a financial transaction tax should be implemented in order to help pay for free post-secondary education for Americans.


While Bernie Sanders' momentum continues to grow, you can't help but think that Hillary Clinton is feeling like this is 2008 all over again.

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