Can Rubio or Cruz Gain Momentum?

The Trump Rally - 2016One thing is certain - Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and John Kasich need to make a move now or else the race for the GOP Presidential nomination will quickly be out of hand.

With "Super Tuesday" approaching on March 1st, the remaining candidates in both the Democratic and Republican nomination races are desperately trying to either build or continue their momentum.

When it comes to the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and John Kasich are all trying to chase down Donald Trump, who has three wins in a row (New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada) and is polling well in many of the "Super Tuesday" states. The candidates took to CNN tonight for a Republican debate that allowed one final chance to make a lasting impression before Tuesday's primaries and caucuses.

In past debates, Republican candidates such as Rubio and Cruz would largely avoid going after Donald Trump directly. The train of thought was that it was best to avoid Trump and instead focus on becoming the choice of the GOP "establishment". Jeb Bush, who chose to tangle with Trump a number of times, saw his campaign flounder after he was outmaneuvered and embarrassed by Trump.

With the stakes on March 1st so high, and with the race having the possibility of more or less coming to an end in mid-March, Rubio and Cruz are now taking off the gloves when it comes to Trump. In CNN's debate tonight, Marco Rubio (who currently has the second best odds of winning the Republican nomination at 2/1) was particularly hostile towards Trump, goading and taunting and pressing the GOP front-runner for details on various proposals. Rubio pressed Trump on a number of different issues, including health care, a proposed wall between Mexico and the United States and other issues.


This is the first debate in which multiple candidates have gone after Donald Trump with such ferocity. Will it make any difference in the polls? Is there any stopping Donald Trump at this point? We'll see.

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