Democratic Nomination Now Seen as Near Certainty For Clinton Campaign

Hillary Clinton campaign poster - I am with herFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her supporters have been waiting for an emphatic victory to rally the troops around, and they received it on Saturday evening.

Heading into South Carolina, Hillary Clinton was projected to win the state by roughly 20 points. The results ended up besting even the most optimistic of projections for Hillary Clinton, as she ended up winning the state by a stunning 50 points.

The Sanders campaign, which has surprised so many with its continuing strength, suffered a massive setback on Saturday evening and is now scrambling to recover. The most worrying statistic for Bernie Sanders - the utter lack of support from the black community in South Carolina, as Sanders ended up losing the black vote in South Carolina by an estimated 70 points.

"Super Tuesday" is just a few days away. Hillary Clinton, who was struggling mightily just a few short weeks ago, is now comfortably leading in states such as Texas, Georgia and Virginia. While Sanders is expected to win in Vermont, states that were expected to be easy victory for "Bern", such as Colorado, are now very much in doubt.

According to European bookmakers, Hillary Clinton now has odds of 1/25 to win the Democratic nomination, while Bernie Sanders is now listed at 8/1. This means that Hillary Clinton's implied odds of victory are over 96%.


Hillary Clinton started the race for the Democratic nomination as the clear favorite to win.

Bernie Sanders, helped by a groundswell of support on social media, quickly made up a 60 point deficit and was looking to repeat Barack Obama's come-from-behind victory in 2008.

The Clinton campaign, however, seems to have reversed its momentum at the 11th hour and is now seemingly poised for victory, barring any sort of last minute collapse. Hillary Clinton is so confident, in fact, that she has now started to focus her gaze on Donald Trump, who she will likely be squaring off against in November.

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