Tuesday's Results May Result in Withdrawal of Rubio, Kasich From Race

Elections ballot - United States of America flag in the backgroundAfter a weekend of craziness that included the cancellation of a rally in Chicago and an incident with a protester, Donald Trump is looking to put a stranglehold on the race for the GOP Presidential nomination on Tuesday.

"Mega Tuesday", as it has been dubbed by many in the media, will feature voting in key states such as Ohio and Florida. Not only are both states rich in delegates, but Tuesday's results could lead to the withdrawal of one or both of Marco Rubio and John Kasich from the race. Kasich, who is Governor of Ohio, is virtually tied with Trump in his home state, while Senator Marco Rubio, who calls Florida home, is trailing "The Donald" badly. Both Kasich and Rubio have staked their campaigns on winning in their home states, and losses for either man could lead to their withdrawal from the race.

In short - depending on how Tuesday goes, the race for the GOP Presidential nomination may be down to just two men, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, by this time next week.


Despite an all-out blitz from the "GOP establishment", the Trump momentum looks to continue this week.

As of this moment, Trump is enjoying large leads in Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina. Ohio, as mentioned, is close, with Trump and Kasich currently neck-and-neck in that state.

If Trump is able to secure a "clean sweep" of the five states listed above, he will have a virtual lock on the GOP nomination, despite the best efforts of people such as Mitt Romney.

In short, the "GOP establishment", as Trump calls them, had better hope that Kasich pulls off a victory in Ohio or else they may find themselves without a viable alternative.

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