Donald Trump Releases Statement on Proposed Debate

Presidential candidate Donald Trump with bodyguards in Washington DC - Year 2016The much ballyhooed proposed debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders will not be happening, much to the dismay of practically everybody in America.

Earlier this week, the idea of a televised debate between presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders was advanced by late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

Earlier in the week, Trump had indicated during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel that he would be willing to debate Sanders, provided that the proceeds from the debate went to benefit various charities, including those dealing with women's health issues.

Sanders, who appeared on the show one night later, agreed to the terms of the debate.

Both Sanders and Trump are currently campaigning in California ahead of the California primary, which is slated to take place on June 7th.


The topic of the debate was broached as a way to zing Hillary Clinton, who refused to debate Bernie Sanders ahead of the California primary.

Trump, in an attempt to mock Clinton, said that he would be willing to debate Sanders if "Crooked Hillary" didn't want to do it. Sanders, who is firmly in second place in the race for the Democratic nomination, seized on the opportunity and quickly agreed to the debate.


Earlier today, the Trump campaign drove a stake through the hearts of those who wanted to see the debate.

In a press release, Trump bowed out of the proposed debate, stating that he wasn't interested in debating the "second place" Sanders and that the TV networks who were supposedly interested in airing the debate weren't being overly charitable.

The Trump press release, as you can imagine, also took the opportunity to trash Hillary Clinton.


In the end, the Sanders campaign benefited from this week's back and forth, as it put Bernie Sanders front and center for 2-3 days and also portrayed Clinton in a negative light.

In the end, however, it likely won't matter, as the nation continues to move towards a Trump vs Clinton battle in November.

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