Sessions, Gingrich Currently 7/4 To Be Named as Vice Presidential Candidates

Simple drawing of the White House in Washington DC - United States of AmericaWith Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton having cinched the nominations for their respective parties, the eyes of the nation now look ahead to the summer conventions and the ultimate Presidental showdown in November.

An important piece of business looms for both the Clinton and Trump campaigns - who will serve as their Vice Presidential candidates?


According to European bookmakers, three people - Julian Castro, Newt Gingrich and Jeff Sessions - are currently the people with the best odds of being named as VP candidates.

Castro, who served as the mayor of San Antonio, Texas before being named as the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, is currently the leading candidate to receive the Democratic VP nod, as the sportsbooks have him listed at 5/2.

Other leading candidates for the Democratic VP nomination include:

Tim Kaine, 4/1
Elizabeth Warren, 6/1

If Hillary Clinton wants to run with a relatively fresh face who will likely energize different key important groups (Hispanic, LGBT to name a few), Castro would seem like a prudent choice.


Jeff Sessions and Newt Gingrich are currently running neck-and-neck for the Republican VP nomination, as both men are currently listed at 7/4 to win.

Senator Jeff Sessions is seen as a strategic choice if Trump wants to perform well in the Southern States, well Gingrich possesses a wealth of knowledge and respect that could help galvanize the Republican party behind Trump in the months leading up to the November election.

Other names that have been mentioned as a possible VP candidate for Trump include:

Joni Ernst, 10/1
Bob Corker, 12/1
Ben Carson, 12/1
Chris Christie, 16/1


The experienced Hillary Clinton may choose to go with a fresher face as her VP candidate, while Trump is likely to pick somebody who is very experienced and can help bring onboard numerous disgruntled members of the GOP.

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