Stephen Bannon Named Trump Campaign's Chief Executive

Trump / Pence - Simple logo version with red starsIf Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is going to lose in November, he is going to go down swinging.

Earlier today, Donald Trump reshuffled his campaign, elevating Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway while seemingly demoting Paul Manafort. Stephen Bannon runs the controversial Brietbart News outlet, while Conway is a Republican pollster and long-time friend of Trump.

Today's news is especially noteworthy as Manafort had been attempting to get Trump to moderate his platform in an attempt to win the general election. Trump, who keeps a close eye on his polling numbers, likely saw his chances for the White House slipping away and decided to make a change with a little less than three months left until the general election.


There are some (including Michael Moore) who believe that Trump had absolutely no intention of seriously running for the Presidency in the first place. Moore believes that Trump's entrance into the race for the Republican nomination was simply a negotiating tactic as he tried to work out a better deal for his TV shows. Trump, shortly after announcing that he would be running for President, came out of the gate swinging, saying a number of incidiary things that many people thought would result in his Presidential campaign quickly flaming out.

Trump's comments had the opposite impact, however, as he quickly gained support from many disenfranchised Republican supporters. Trump scaled up his comments and his polling numbers followed - to the surprise of most, Trump was able to earn the Republican Presidential nomination, despite the fact that many rank-and-fire GOP'ers were fervertly against the move. The people had spoken, however, and Trump was given the nod to go against Hillary Clinton in November.


In an attempt to try to appeal to the important Independent group, the plan was apparently for Trump to tone down some of his more controversial views and instead focus his attack on Hillary Clinton. Thanks to a series of missteps (including some ill-advised spats), Trump saw his polling numbers dive shortly after the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention.


At this point, the plan seems to be for Trump to go out on his own terms, which should make for a very contentious and divisive finish to the Presidential election.

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