Fred Goldberg: "No Excuse" For Trump Not Releasing First Two Pages of His Form 1040

The 1040 tax form document next to Trump - Pence 2016 logoFred Goldberg, the former IRS Commissioners who served under both President Reagan and President George W. Bush, penned a letter earlier today in which he said that Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has absolutely no reason not to release his tax returns.

The Democrats have been calling on Trump to release his tax returns for a number of months now. Trump, for his part, has steadfastly refused, arguing that his lawyers have told him not to do so as his returns as currently under audit. Many people have argued that being under audit doesn't mean that you can't release your returns to the public, and Fred Goldberg added his name to this list earlier today.

Goldberg stated that Trump should, at the very least, release the first two pages of his Form 1040 to the public immediately. Goldberg states that Trump could do this without any "audit risk whatsoever".

After that, Goldberg argues, Trump should release his full return, as it would provide a "more complete portrait" of the Republican Presidential nominee. Goldberg goes on to say that it would "provide insight into Trump's record in business, such as more information about his important sources of income (real estate, domestic and off-shore investments) and the tax impact of debt forgiven in his bankruptcies".


Democrats have been arguing that Trump is hiding something in his tax returns that he doesn't want the public to know about. Some popular theories from the Democrat side - that Trump has extensive business dealings with Russia, that Trump doesn't pay much tax, that Trump doesn't donate much to charities or that he doesn't make nearly as much money as he claims.

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looked to hold Trump's feet to the fire a few weeks ago when she released her tax returns. These returns revealed income of $10.6 million in 2015 for Bill and Hillary Clinton.


As of right now, Trump has still elected not to release his returns.


Trump supporters are pointing out that Goldberg is not exactly unbiased, as he closed his statement with an endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President.

Source: - Former IRS Chief Says Trump Has No Excuse To Not Release His Tax Returns

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