Donald Trump To Become Third Person Not To Accept Presidential Salary

Artistic profile of Donald Trump. Polygon style.President-elect Donald Trump, who is still basking in the glow of his unexpected victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential election, is vowing not to accept a dime of the $400,000/salary that is paid to the leader of the free world.

Trump, who has not said what will happen to the $400,000/year, will become the third person in the nation's history not to accept a salary for serving as the country's President.

Herbert Hoover, who was a multi-millionaire when he entered the White House, gave his salary to various charities. In addition, Hoover used some of the money to supplement the salaries of the staff that he worked with on a daily basis.

John F. Kennedy, who was also extremely wealthy when he was sworn in as President, donated the entirety of his salary to charity. Kennedy also donated all of his salaries to charity when he served in Congress.


According to their most recent calculation, Forbes has Donald Trump's total wealth pegged at $3.7 billion, which will make him the richest President of all time.

Trump, in addition to not taking a salary, has already pledged to move all of his business holdings to his adult children for them to run.

Donald Trump's tax returns were a big topic of debate over the course of his Presidential campaign. It is customary for the President to release his tax returns while in the White House, though Trump hasn't yet given any indication as to whether he will release his.

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