President Trump's Job Approval Rating Bounces Back Somewhat

Donald Trump putting hands together in front of an approving crowd.According to, President Trump's job approval ratings have ticked higher in recent weeks, moving from an all-time low of 39.8% on April 3rd to a current level of 42.1% (RealClearPolitics presents the average of a number of different polling numbers, including Gallup, Rasmussen Reports and CBS, just to name a few).

After a disastrous week that saw the repeal of Obamacare crash in flames, President Trump looked to quickly move on to another cause in order to regain lost momentum. Tax reform seemed to be the likely candidate, though that will probably get bogged down as well by endless negotiations.

In the end, an attack on Syria helped to shift the narrative for the Trump Administration, as the United States attacked a Syrian airfield following the revelation that Bashar al-Assad had launched a chemical attack against a rebel-held village. President Trump quickly denounced Assad as the United States launched the attack.

In addition to the situation in Syria, President Trump has denounced North Korea and their continued nuclear weapons tests. In a recent meeting with Xi Jinping, President Trump pressed the Chinese leader to help take action on North Korea. President Trump and Xi Jinping both seemed pleased with the meeting, with Trump promising to visit China at a later date.


A couple of key things have happened for the Trump administration over the past couple of weeks:

1) The notion of the cozy ties between Trump and Putin have been put to the back burner, as Russia is not pleased with the United States' attack on Syrian airfields

2) The narrative in the country has been somewhat shifted from the failed Obamacare repeal to the ongoing situations in North Korea and Syria

3) The Trump Administration has been seen to be shifting to the middle on a number of different policies


The result? A slight uptick in President Trump's approval rating to just above 42%.

The downside for President Trump and his fans, of course, is that he still has a historically low approval rating for this point in his Presidency.


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