Mega-Rich Are Stockpiling Land

The Map of United States - Green mesh design - Satelite style.According to a recently released article, the mega-rich in the United States are stockpiling millions of acres of land, mainly in states such as Montana, Texas and Wyoming.

John Malone, who is America's biggest landowner, reportedly has over 2 million acres of land in his possession, while Ted Turner has roughly the same amount, spread out between states such as Nebraska and New Mexico.

Jeff Bezos, who may soon become the world's richest person, reportedly owns 400,000 acres of land in Texas, while Stan Kroenke owns over 200,000 acres of land in Montana.

Other billionaires in the United States own large pieces of land as well, though Malone and Turner easily top the list with over 4 million acres of land between the two of them.


While purchasing land may be a good investment, the main reason behind these billionaires owning massive swaths of land is for their own protection.

These billionaires have built homes on these massive pieces of land - homes that are self-sustainable, stocked with weapons and loaded with non-perishable food items. At the drop of a hat, America's richest could depart on their private jets and retreat to their "vacation homes" that are located in hard-to-reach areas, safely tucked away from whatever disaster may be taking place at the time.

The allure of building these homes out in the middle of nowhere is easy to see, as the homes would not be easily accessible in the case of a civil insurrection. A fortified home that is hidden away in the middle of hundreds of thousands of acres of land in Texas or Montana is going to be hard for people to access in the case of a catastrophe, and these billionaires have made adequate plans to survive there for many years, if need be.


There are any number of things that could send the nation's billionaires scrambling for cover, including a catastrophic meteor strike or pandemic.

In recent months, however, many left-leaning billionaires have started to worry about the possibility for civil war in the United States, given the highly divisive nature of the country right now.

Source: - The Shocking Doomsday Maps of the World and the Billionaire Escape Plans

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