Average Job Approval Rating For Trump Is At 40%

The United States president - Donald Trump - Patiently listening in his trademark pose.  Year is 2017.The good news for President Trump and his supporters? The President's job approval rating has been steadily ticking higher since early August.

The bad news for Trump and his supporters? President Trump's job approval rating currently sits at approximately 40% (depending on which outlet is providing you the data), which is a terrible number for somebody this early into their Presidency.

Shortly after making his controversial comments about the situation in Charlottesville, President Trump saw his job approval rating fall to a low of around 37.4%. This would prove to be a short-term low, as he would slowly tick higher after that.

Earlier in September, President Trump saw his approval rating lift to a more respectable 42% after the flooding in Texas. Many people were happy with the President's response to the situation, as he spent numerous days in Texas to survey the damage and talk to locals.

This lift in his approval rating would prove to be short-lived, however, largely thanks to the comments that he made regarding NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. Sure, the comments had many supporters, though even more seemed to be outraged by Trump's off-the-cuff comments. The comments led to widespread kneeling at NFL games last week, and the protests are sure to continue this week as well.


This has been the theme of President Trump's Presidency so far - ups and downs in terms of polling, with a heavier weighting to the downside.

President Trump is still struggling to get health care reform and tax reform passed into law, and the Republicans are certainly going to suffer next year if they can't get these two pieces of legislation done.


The positives for President Trump? An economy that continues to hum along and a stock market that continues to make new highs. In addition, ISIS continues to be dismantled across the world, while many have cheered President Trump's tough stance on immigration.

2018 should be a very interesting year for the country.

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