Expensive Presidential Campaign, Drop in Real Estate Values To Blame For Decreased Net Worth Estimate

The Trump Tower - New York City - Sunny day - Frog eye view.In some ways, the past 12 months have been the best year of President Trump's professional life. After all, Trump overcame lofty odds to defeat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency.

On the other hand (at least according to Forbes), the last year has been rough for the President from a financial perspective.

According to Forbes, President Trump's fortune has dropped by $600 million over the past year, taking him down to a total net worth of $3.1 billion.

Forbes, which said that it was very thorough in assessing President Trump's new net worth, blamed a number of factors on his declining fortune, including:

1) Decreased value of real estate holdings (especially in New York)

2) Expensive Presidential campaign

3) Settled Trump University lawsuit

The Presidential campaign reportedly zapped $61 million from Trump's finances, while the lawsuit cost an additional $25 million to settle.

In terms of President Trump's real estate holdings, those have reportedly dropped due to a mixture of mild softness in the New York commercial real estate market and a tendency for some to stay away from Trump-affiliated properties.


The flip side to all of this is that if President Trump can successfully pass his tax reform bill, his businesses will benefit tremendously as a result.

Source: Forbes.com - How Donald Trump's Fortune Fell $600 Million in One Year

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