"Amazon Key" Service Set To Start in 37 Cities on November 8th

Amazon Key logo - Year is 2017 - Prime members only.Would you let a delivery person into your house when you are not home?

On November 8th, Amazon.com will be launching their "Amazon Key" program, which will be available to Amazon Prime members in 37 select cities in the United States. The "Amazon Key" program will allow delivery drivers to drop off packages inside your front door when you are not home.

How will it work?

According to Amazon, the program will require that you purchase a kit (starting at $250) that will include a security camera and a smart door lock.

Once you get set up, the system will work like this:

1) You order a package from Amazon and it goes out on a delivery truck

2) As the delivery driver approaches your front door, they will be securely transmitted a temporary code to your front door by Amazon

3) Once the driver opens your door, a video camera will start recording their actions.

4) The driver will place your package inside of the door and leave. Your door will lock, their temporary security code will be wiped and the camera will eventually shut off.


For some people, the thought of giving a delivery driver access to their homes is a non-starter.

For others, the "Amazon Key" program eliminates one of the biggest issues with Amazon deliveries - package theft.

Of course, the "package theft" issue might be replaced with "home theft" is a nefarious delivery driver gets access to your home, though the security camera will be recording their actions. Detractors of the service argue, however, that a delivery driver could potentially get a clear view of your house to see what is contained inside, and could return at a later time to burglarize your home.


It will be interesting to hear how this program goes. There have been other wrinkles to the idea (including having delivery drivers drop your package inside of your car trunk), though Amazon seems to be pressing forward with the home delivery idea.

Would you sign up?

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