Republicans Expected To Control Senate and House After 2022

The approval rating for the current president Joe Biden have fallen since early 2021.If you are a supporter of the Democrats, you probably won't like what you are seeing in the betting markets as of this moment.

Things can obviously change, though things are not trending in a good direction for the Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, which are rapidly approaching.

Here is what the betting markets are currently saying about 2022 and beyond:

1. Republicans should easily control the House of Representatives after 2022.

Implied odds have the Republicans with a 84% chance of winning the House in 2022.

2. Senate likely going to the Republicans as well in 2022.

Implied odds give the Republicans a 72% chance of winning the Senate in 2022.

3. 32 or more Republican Governors seen as likeliest scenario after 2022.

There are currently 28 Republican governors as of this moment.

The betting markets are pricing in a roughly 40% chance that there will be AT LEAST 32 Republican governors after the 2022 midterm elections.


All of these numbers are obviously bad news for the Democrats, who have been fumbling on a number of different key issues, which is potentially opening the door for a Republican landslide win in 2022.


President Trump is currently the clear leader to win the Republican nomination for 2024, as the implied odds of President Trump securing the nomination currently sits at 41%, well ahead of Ron DeSantis at 27%.

Who could Trump face off against in 2024 if he does win the nomination? Here are the three likeliest opponents in order of implied odds:

President Biden, 38%
Kamala Harris, 23%
Pete Buttigieg, 13%


President Biden's approval rating is currently sitting at about 42%, having fallen about 13 points since early 2021.

Can the Democrats turn things around in the next nine months?

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