Definition of Boomerang Kid

What is a "boomerang kid"? What is the definition of the term "boomerang kid"?

A "boomerang kid" (or, member of the "Boomerang generation"), is a young adult who has decided to move back home with their parents after living on their own for a while.

Definition of Boomerang Kid - Financial Dictionary - Illustration of an Australian BoomerangIn most cases, "boomerang kids" are young adults who have finished college or university, are unable to find steady employment and are forced to move back in with their parents for monetary reasons.

According to reports, the number of "boomerang kids" has been steadily on the upswing since the start of the "Great Recession". This makes perfect sense, as jobs are harder to come by (especially for young people), school is more expensive than ever (thanks to the cutting of state education funding) and parents are more unlikely to be able to help finance their children's educations (usually because of their own financial woes).

More and more young adults are being forced to move in their parents in order to cut costs and save money. Until the national unemployment rate starts to meaningfully decline in the United States, you can expect this trend to continue.

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