Definition of Draw No Bet

What does the term "draw no bet" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "draw no bet"?

With a "draw no bet" wager, the bettor will have their initial wager returned to them if the game that they are betting on ends in a draw.

"Draw no bet" wagers are extremely popular for people that are betting on soccer.

The definition and meaning of the sports betting term Draw No Bet.  It is a very popular soccer / football wager.

Let's look at a couple of real examples to illustrate how the "draw no bet" wager works.

In the opening game of the 2018 World Cup, host nation Russia squared off against Saudi Arabia. The "draw no bet" odds looked like this:

Russia, 1.071
Saudi Arabia, 9.00

With a normal soccer line, you would have Russia, Draw and Saudi Arabia as your choices to bet on. With the "draw no bet" wager, you are taking out the "draw" line, leaving just Russia and Saudi Arabia to wager on.

So, if the contest between Russia and Saudi Arabia ends in a draw, you will have your wager returned to you if you did a "draw no bet" wager.

If you bet on Russia and they end up winning, you would see a total profit of 7.1% of your original wager.

If you bet on Russia and Saudi Arabia ended up winning, you would lose your wager.

Let's take a look at another example from the Group Stage of the 2018 World Cup - here is the draw no bet line from the Portugal v Spain contest:

Portugal, 3.00
Spain, 1.36

Spain is the favourite in this contest, as they are listed at 1.36 to win, while the underdog Portugal is listed at 3.00.

Again - if you do a "draw no bet" wager on this game and it ends in a draw, you will have your original wager returned to you.

The full time result line for this contest looks like this:

Portugal, 4.20
Draw, 3.30
Spain, 1.90

By removing the "draw" line (which is 3.30), you make this a "draw no bet" wager, and the odds for both Portugal and Spain improve.


One of the main reasons that sports books offer the "draw no bet" wager is because their customers hate losing due to a draw. These customers want a decisive outcome when they place a wager - they don't want to lose their bet on a draw.

Many soccer games end in a draw, so the odds for "draw no bet" lines will be significantly worse than picking a team in a regular "full time result" line that includes draws.

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