Definition of False Dichotomy

What is the definition of the term "false dichotomy"? What is the meaning of the term "false dichotomy"?

The term "false dichotomy" (also known as the false dilemma) is a logical fallacy in which two opposing viewpoints are presented as the only two possibilities.

The meaning and definition of the term false dichotomy is explained and illustrated.For instance, one of the most common false dichotomies is the idea that if you dislike one political party, you must automatically like the either.

For instance - if you dislike President Trump, you must automatically like Hillary Clinton. This is a false dichotomy, as disliking both President Trump and Hillary Clinton is a distinct possibility.

Or, you may be an independent voter that dislikes both the Republicans and the Democrats.

A false dichotomy can occur when only two choices are presented as possibilities, when in fact there are more than two choices.

Also, in a false dichotomy, if you don't accept one possibility (supporting President Trump, for instance), you must automatically accept the other (you must be a big Hillary Clinton fan!). This is a logical fallacy.

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