Definition of Flip-Flopper

What does the term "flip-flopper" mean? What is the definition of the word "flip-flopper" as it applies to the world of politics?

In the world of politics, a "flip-flopper" is somebody who changes their stance on certain issues.

Definition of Flip-Flopper - Financial Dictionary - Politics and ElectionsThis word has been used quite often during the 2012 US Presidential election, with the Obama camp accusing Mitt Romney of being a "flip-flopper" on issues relating to health care and abortion.

Let's look at a fictional example to illustrate the proper usage of the term "flip-flopper".

Joe Smith, who is the Republican nominee for President, often asserted that he was "pro-choice" during his time as Governor of the state of Florida.

However, after winning the Republican nomination, Smith asserted that he was "pro-life" and always had been.

Smith would fit the definition of a "flip-flopper" - somebody who changes their stances on controversial topics.

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