Definition of Google Algorithm Update

What does the term "Google algorithm update" mean? Why are "Google algorithm updates" important?

Millions of businesses rely on Google to deliver free search engine traffic. Google is, by far, the largest search engine in the world, so if Google "likes" your site, you will likely receive a great deal of traffic.

The most popular search engine updates are very important to online marketers and are closely observed.  Illustration.Google determines how sites are ranked based on their algorithm, which is an extremely complex methodology that they use to determine which sites are the strongest and deserve to be ranked the highest. Many, many factors determine how sites are ranked, ranging from strength of inbound links to on-page optimization to freshness of the content.

Google is constantly updating their algorithm - in fact, they reportedly make nearly 10 tweaks to their algorithm per day. These tweaks are not particularly noticeable or noteworthy.

Once in a while, however, Google will roll out a major algorithm change. These algorithm updates have received names such as "Panda", "Penguin" and "BERT".

It is quite truthful to say that many millions of dollars are made and lost with these major updates. Some sites have been crushed overnight by algorithm updates, never to return, while others sites will soar in popularity.

For this reason, business owners are very interested in the latest Google algorithm updates. An entire industry has sprung out of trying to craft sites to perform well in Google (these industry is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization), so keeping on top of these algorithm updates is of utmost importance.

Google will usually update the public as to when major algorithm updates are taking place.

The most recent update, named BERT, was rolled out in late October/early November of 2019. The main purpose of this update was to better help Google understand the context of their user's searches.

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