Definition of Pandexit

What does the term "Pandexit" mean? What is meant by the term "Pandexit"?

The term "Pandexit" refers to how and when a country or region plans on re-opening their economy following a pandemic (such as Coronavirus).

The meaning of the newly coined term Pandexit is explained by Dave.  Illustration accompanies the article.Countries do things differently. Some countries believe in a severe lockdown that is followed by a relatively quick re-opening of the economy.

Some countries believe that the lockdowns should be eased very gradually (Germany, Canada are examples).

Some regions in the United States, on the other hand, favor a much quicker re-opening of the economy. Texas is a notable example of a state that re-opened their economy much faster than others.

Advocates for a quick re-opening of the economy believe that a closed economy does a tremendous amount of long-term damage and also costs lives. These people believe that the "cure is worse than the virus".

Others believe that the economy should be very gradually re-opened in order to minimize the loss of life.

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