Definition of Peak Stuff

What does the term "peak stuff" mean? What is the definition of the term "peak stuff"?

The term "peak stuff" refers to the belief that consumers are becoming too overwhelmed with material possessions and are instead looking to substitute "stuff" with experiences.

In this day and age, smartphones, laptops and other items are ubiquitous. The availability of credit has helped to put these items in the hands of many billions of consumers around the world, and many people are feeling as though they simply have too many possessions that they don't use now.

The definition of the term Peak Stuff when it comes to financial and lifestyle choices.

"Peak stuff" refers to the belief that many consumers will invest their hard-earned dollars on experiences rather than possessions in the future. For instance, instead of purchasing the new iPhone, a person may instead choose to take that long-delayed trip to Jamaica instead. The new iPhone will eventually be rotting in a drawer somewhere, though the trip to Jamaica will forever remain as a memory.

For companies like Apple and Amazon, "peak stuff" would be a worrisome trend if it ever takes hold. I wouldn't count on that happening anytime soon, however.

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