Definition of Permabear

What is the definition of a "permabear"?

A permabear is somebody who is ALWAYS negative about the future direction of the markets and economy in general, no matter what.

There are two parts to this word that will help to let you know its meaning:

finance term definition - permabear"perma" - permanent
"bear" - someone who believes in a falling stock market, or "bear" market

The opposite of a "permabear" is a "permabull". This is someone who has a rosy and optimistic view of the markets, no matter what transpires.

A permabear believes that there is always a monster lurking around the corner, waiting to take a bit out of the markets.

Permabears have had the attention of the investing public over the past two years, due to the implosion of equity markets worldwide.

Permabulls point out that the recession is nearly over, and economic growth is just around the corner.

Permabears point out that the US government is borrowing money at an alarming pace, printing dollars like crazy and diluting their currency at a rapid speed.

Permabears point out that economy-wrecking hyperinflation is just around the corner, due to the policies of the US government.

A permabear is permanently bearish on both the economy and equity markets.

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