Definition of Permabull

What is a "permabull"? What is the definition of a "permabull"? What does the term "permabull" mean?

A permabull is somebody who is always upbeat about the future direction of the markets and economy.

Let's break down the word a bit:

"perma" - permanent
"bull" - somebody who believes that the markets are destined to rise

A permabull will spin any piece of news, good or bad, into a positive development.

Permabull in the Finance Dictionary - DefinitionExamples:

"The DJIA is down 5,000 points since last month? This is the buying opportunity of a lifetime!"

"The US economy has always come roaring back, and this time will be no different. I'm a buyer."

The permabulls have had a rough go of it since the end of 2007. The permabulls will never be extinct though - any time the markets put in any sort of a rally, they present themselves in large numbers.

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