Definition of Puppet Ruler

What is a "puppet ruler"? What is the definition of the term "puppet ruler"?

A "puppet rule" is somebody who occupies a position of power but is being controlled by an outside force. The actions of the "puppet ruler" are being orchestrated by the so-called outside force.

Definition of Puppet Ruler - Politics and Finance - DictionaryFor instance, many people consider the current President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, to be a "puppet ruler" that is controlled by Vladimir Putin.

In Henry "Hank" Paulson's book "On the Brink", he recounts a story of travelling to Russia and meeting with Medvedev and Putin. The meeting with Medvedev, according to Paulson, was nothing more than a photo shoot. The meeting with Putin was reportedly more formal and serious issues were discussed and talked about.

According to Paulson's recounting of the situation, Medvedev would be a perfect example of a "puppet ruler", as Putin was actually calling the shots.

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